Monday, March 19, 2007

Random pictures

Here are a few pictures from the past month or so, just to give you an idea of what we've been up to. My work is winding up, in starts and lurches, as Abby's work winds down for the summer break. She's actually going to be pretty busy over the summer, as she's doing a two week long workshop in Cebu City for about 300 teachers from the island of Mindinao on how to teach english. She and 7 other volunteers will be working with them to improve their english, and also to introduce new teaching techniques and teaching philosophies, games, visuals, etc.

We also have some travel plans coming up, both work related and for fun. We're going up to Puerto Galera on Thursday to help facilitate a three day youth camp for gifted kids from Laguna. It's going to be all about ecology and the environment, so Abby and I are helping with the games, and we'll also be helping work with the groups. Over Holy Week we're going to the island next to us, Marinduque, for the Moriones Festival. There are some volunteers who live there, and it's maybe 4-5 hours away, so it'll be a super cheap and fun weekend. We already saw the crazy people whipping themselves last year, so this time around we thought we'd opt for a less insane Holy Week celebration. Also, after Abby's workshop we're going to spend about a week of official vacation time down on the island of Bohol, which is home to the famous Chocolate Hills, the insane little Tarsier, dolphins and whales, hiking, waterfalls, camping, beaches, diving and snorkeling and is, according to our friend who lives there, pretty freakin' sweet. So here's hoping because it's gonna be expensive!

This is another awesome ray of light picture from Puerto Galera. I guess it's because of all the humidity in the air?

Abby visited two friends in other provinces for a week to work with their deaf programs. They hiked out into the hills around Limay, Bataan to visit with the tribe there and check in on their school.

This is the front of the school. A friend said "now that's a Peace Corps picture!"

Here's Abby with our neighbor Jaan. She was one of the "muses" at her school, which is who knows what. An excuse for little girls to get all dressed up!

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