Monday, July 09, 2007


Here are some pictures from the weekend I mentioned in the last post. These are actually just taken from their blogs since a) everyone has a blog, I think and b) I can never remember to bring the thumb drive with me to the internet cafe and c) these computers have some many freakin' viruses on them it would probably kill the thumb drive anyway. So enjoy!

Kate, Reyna, Carrie and Pat hanging out at the river.

What to do when it's hot as hell and there's no fridge? Drink in the ice cold river.

We had lunch at the river too. I think this is me trying to open that bottle of soda. It took about 10 minutes.

Carrie, Kate, Reyna and Abby, eating Gay Pasta, which is just noodles, raw tomatoes, garlic and whatever kind of cheese you can get your hands on.

Happy, shiny people...

Me going to town on some beef.

Abby and me riding in the jeepney on the way back.

These little "bahay cubo" or covered house things are pretty common at any kind of public place. Usually a rough little structure to protect you from the sun and/or rain, and a table and chairs, because when you do anything in the Philippines, you eat.

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