Monday, September 17, 2007

random pics of people and places

American contests promise millions of dollars, hovercrafts, personalized helicopters, luxury mansions and free burgers. We've got generators and goats. Now who's laughing?

This is the mountain at the end of the street. I think it's Mt. Halcon but I'm not really sure. It's usually shrouded in clouds, and coming from the Midwest, I love seeing mountains in the morning.

At MST, we had a bowling alley. It was duckpin bowling though, so a couple brave people had to volunteer to be pin monkey and risk being nailed by flying balls.

Traffic in Manila sucks. Especially when it's 98 degrees outside, and you're stuck in a taxi without aircon, there are four people crammed into a seat that only comfortable accommodates three, and it takes an hour to go about a mile.

Kate and Reyna eating pakwan (watermelon/squash) seeds. Kate is directly responsible for about half of all PCVs becoming addicts, which leads to Pakwan Seed Zombieism (as seen above).

Went to Puerto Galera for my birthday. There are always amazing sunsets there, and a point-n-shoot digital camera can never do them justice.

Beads are super cheap here, so Abby usually makes a bead pilgrimage to the Quiapo district any time we're in Manila.

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