Thursday, December 06, 2007

We spent thanksgiving knee deep in cheese

So we went back to the US for two weeks, which was interesting. I kind of spent the first two days or so just walking around looking at everything and going "wow" like some sort of 19th-century immigrant fresh off the boat. Abby on the other hand had more severe culture shock which led to a breakdown after visiting the grocery store with her saying "There's just so much shit!" Indeed, there was a lot of shit in the grocery store, like something called a Slim Jim Bacon n Cheese Log, and 12lb packages of pork, which must be sweet if you work and live in a firehouse. All that aside it was a great trip, with lots of family time, plenty of walking around in the park and the city, a visit to the Portland Art Museum and more feedings than I care to remember. Let's just say we ate a lot, and often. Also, for the record, I did get my chicken wings, so thanks for asking. Here are a few pictures. Unfortunately blogger is messed up right now and can't post pictures properly, so the photos will be spread over a few posts...

This is how we started off the trip, by seeing this odd display on an otherwise normal looking desk near our gate in the Manila airport.

We had a lot of time to kill in the Hong Kong airport...

Abby's brother Nate and his daughter Payden.

Abby with her niece Elsa. I guess I shoudl say our niece.

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