Sunday, June 08, 2008

We gots a place for living!

Went over and checked out Abby's brother's house this past Friday to see if we wanted to live there, and it looks really nice. We'll only have to pay utilities, no rent, so that's a huge plus, meaning we'll have an extra $400-500 a month we won't be spending on rent. Booyah. It's in a pretty nice location, a couple blocks away from one of the coolest streets in St. Louis, South Grand Blvd. The area used to be pretty rough, but recently people from all over have moved into the neighborhood, plus a decent number of immigrants, so it's really diversified the neighborhood. There are Middle Eastern delis, Afghani restaurants, Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, authentic Mexican, an international grocery store... The house is within a half mile of two grocery stores, a weekly farmers market, tons of bars and restaurants, the community garden and all sorts of other cool stuff. It'll be nice to get out of the suburbs, because while it's nice out here, it's also pretty blah. Not sure exactly when we'll move in because right before he moved in someone broke in and stole all of his copper piping, but it'll probably be within the month.

Check out the hood.

Also, unrelated but still awesome, check out our group's Peace Corps slideshow. A few of our batch mates put it together and we watched it at our COS (Close of Service) conference. It's pictures and some video from everyone in the group from our two years in the Philippines. It barely scratches the surface though, because if we took about 2000 photos during our two years, that means that combined we took at least 130,000 photos, because I know a lot of people took a lot more photos than we did!

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