Friday, July 18, 2008

America needs to fully commit to renewable energy

Watch this speech by Al Gore and visit the We Can Solve It page for more info. It's time to stop fucking talking about it and do something!

Now that you've watched that, send a letter to Bush, your governor, house representatives, senators, and state legislators. Send a letter to Obama and McCain letting them know that this is the most pressing issue of the election, that oil and energy are the roots of our economic trouble, amongst other things. Use this temple I wrote if you want:

Dear Senator/Governor, etc.,

I wonder if you've seen Al Gore's challenge at He challenged the nation to be using %100 renewable energy within 10 years. I think it can be done. We have the technology, we have the money to fund research in new technologies like improved solar panel efficiency, cellulosic biofuel, fusion and other unexplored technologies. You want to help us fight gas prices, energy costs and boost the sagging economy? This is the way to do it!

This is not just a matter of preserving the environment. It is a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY! The best way to fight terrorism is to stop funding the governments (by buying their oil) that support and/or house the terrorists. You want to deal a blow to Venezuela, Iran, Russia and other similar countries? Well, they're all propped up by oil and gas money! Green technology will also create thousands if not millions of new jobs. It will make us energy self-sufficient so that we won't need new drilling or to have a strategic reserve. It will make us and the environment more healthy. That's the kind of world I'd like to live in.

So please support renewable energy. Continue offering tax breaks to businesses and individuals that produce or purchase solar panels, alternatively fueled cars and the like. Set aside some of the budget to help fund research. Tax and/or fine polluters. Don't build any new coal plants. Require home builders to conform to rigorous energy standards and install solar panels on the homes they build. Help set up wind farms here in YOUR STATE and across the country. In short, do everything in your power and use the power of your office to help America reach its goal of using %100 renewable energy by 2019!

This isn't about money or the environment, it's about making this the best country it can possible be.

Thank you,

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