Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A decision hath been made!

Actually it was made a couple of weeks ago, on a day I've named "Get Me The Fuck Out of St. Louis" Tuesday. Abby got the call that they were offering her the job in DC, and so it was really a no brainer at that point. So she'll have a job doing early intervention work with the deaf in DC, and I'll be going to a great program at a great school, and hopefully will be able to network my ass off so when I graduate I can finally get a decent job. My current job sucks so hard I am trembling in anticipation at the idea of putting in my two weeks.

So with that decision, the dam has burst, and the pent-up waitlist of activities that follows is now flooding us with more decisions to be made. We have to find a place to live, Abby has to fly up there to sign the contract, I'm trying to land a graduate assistant job to help pay for school, we have to find a mover and somehow come up with the money to make this move, which is not going to be easy. The fact that hopefully this will be our last dirt poor move is putting my mind at ease though, and I'm looking forward to a new future of savings accounts and a little extra money to visit friends, family and far flung locales. More than anything I'm looking forward to testing the waters somewhere else. I've moved away from St. Louis three different times, for different reasons, and keep ending up back here. It's not that St. Louis is a bad city, or that I hate being here, because believe it or not, over the past 8-9 years, I've really come to appreciate all that it offers. I am, however, ready to explore again. I'm ready to walk out of my door and have no idea where I'm going, or what areas are like. I can form my own opinions of people and places, and escape the world of preconcived notions you live in when you've lived in the same city for 27 years (minus 5 years). So 22 years, roughly.

I'm ready to ride the metro, see the Whitehouse, visit parks and museums and experience for the first time the capitol of our country.

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