Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's a lake inside a volcano in a lake that's inside a volcano!

We went to a workshop last week on project planning and design, and it was... not as boring as it sounds. It was actually pretty cool and got my counterpart and me started on the right path. That path would be the one where I actually do something, and we complete a really awesome project. There will be more on that later. For now here are pictures from our hike at Lake Taal, which, as the title says, is a lake inside a volcano in a lake that's inside a volcano. It's like the Russian doll of lakes. Or volcanoes. The hike itself was ok, but we couldn't help imaging what it would be like in the US. It would be a calm, breezy hike up the side of the volcano, inside a beautiful and well maintained national park. Instead it was a shit-ton of lazy Korean tourists riding midget horses along a dusty path, overwhelming us, the only hikers, with dust and horse poop. I guess it's hard to appreciate open space when you live in a country that has the highest population density anywhere in the world (Metro Manila, 40,000+ per sq/km.).

We stayed at the Taal Lake Yacht Club. This is a view from our little covered hut.
Of course the term "yacht" is used very loosely here.

A fisherman out on the lake.

Rays of light coming through the clouds.

Here is an example of the average tourist. Work clothes, leather shoes, shoulder bag and of course, the same goofy straw hat every other businessman in his party was wearing.

The inner lake is supposed to have medicinal benefits. The shores are crusted with mineral deposits.

Our friend Carrie, me and Abby escaping the tourist hoards.

The little girl in the foreground said "Give me coins." Aren't kids cute?

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