Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pagod na ako

Oh, Philippines, you're so silly! So after 3 months of waiting for the rest of the info I needed for the Puerto Galera guidebook, they gave it to me last week, along with "We're having our [the organization's] one year anniversary on the 21st. Do you think you could have it done by then?" I mean, yeah, I can, but what the hell have you all been doing the last three months? It's really best not to try and answer that question.

So anyway, after a somewhat whirlwind tour of 12 resorts in the Puerto area, I came home and pounded it all out in a day. I'm a genius. It actually turned out really well, like, I'm not ashamed to have my name attached to it. Yet. There's still the possibility of horrible layout, terrible graphics and fuzzy, poorly shot photos, but for a brief moment it exists in that wonderful space where I'm the only one who's done anything to it, so I know it has to be good.

Unfortunately, my other ideas were not meant to be, such as a comprehensive website, and including a broader array of lodging choices (everything in the current guide is over $40 a night, which is really, really expensive for lodging in the Philippines). Anyway, I'm burnt out but feeling really good, so I thought I'd let you all know that.

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Anonymous said...

Funny description, Owen! Congrats on what will undoubtedly be a great guidebook. And also great experience. There are lot worse ways to make a living than being a professional guidebook author or contributor!