Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Packing sucks

Well, we've started packing, and even though we don't have much, we sure have a lot of crap. Despite the fact I've moved quite a few times, I can't imagine how long it must take to pack up an actual home, with kids and good china and lots of furniture you want to keep. We're keeping some of our stuff, but most of it isn't worth holding onto, so we're selling some, donating some, and throwing away a lot. For instance: the old brown chair that was found in a parking garage 4 years ago? Probably not going to move that again...

Really, other than that, everything is going swimmingly. We actually have a small amount of savings, we have our plane tickets, everything is more or less ready to go. Now we just have to pack up, enjoy our last three weeks with cheese and milk, and kiss this place goodbye!


Anonymous said...

I am writing to confirm I have sighted said website and look forward to seeing your pics and reading your experiences:

Bon Chons


David said...

Checking your blog regularly. Hope you have a great adventure!